What is Share Food?

For the love of home cooked food, Share Food wants everyone to taste the goodness of freshly preapred home made meals

The concept of Share Food was conceived in 2016 with the thought on sharing our mothers’ delicious home cooking, lower food costs and reduce food wastage or leftovers.

With that, a mobile platform is created for all to use, whereby home chefs can list their home cooked food, and foodies can purchase it directly from the home chefs.

Both home chef and foodie can connect easily on our platform, it’s free to use with no hidden cost, subscription fees and no commissions to be paid to us. Hence, to all the home chefs, what you sell is what you earn, we do not take a cut from it.

Keep cooking and start sharing,
Pei Wen

Share Food Singapore

How Share Food Works


Plan ahead, post a photo of
what’s cooking and lock in orders
even before you start
grocery shopping!


Find out what’s cooking near you because who knows your next meal might just be next door!


Chat with each other to finalise your food order and confirm payment details either via bank transfer or cash on delivery!

Share Food Features

News Feed

Check out the latest news
and promotions
from Share Food partners

Food Categories

Discover the different cuisines
cooking in the neighbourhood.


Upload and share your
culinary creations!


Clarify your food preferences
and make known
your allergies or dislikes!
Most importantly... be sure of what you're ordering!

Personalised Profiles

Personalise this page so
other cooks and foodies
can join in the potluck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Share Food is all about great food! But not just any other awesome food - we’re talking strictly home cooked food made available to all by sharing. We are a growing community of food lovers, and we definitely love to cook!

The free Share Food mobile app is designed to make home cooked food readily available for everyone by connecting foodies and home cooks with one another.

Foodies can search who or what is cooking in their neighbourhood, make their orders and collect their meals once it is ready

Home Cooks can post and alert foodies about their upcoming culinary creations and split the food costs with them or even just share them for free!

Of course you can! Just select both the Foodie and Home Cook options when creating your Profile page.

Sharing great food has no boundaries! Share Food welcomes you even as a baker but remember to keep within our serving specifications and to make sure that your place is not transformed into a commercial bakery!

More information regarding the HDB and URA guidelines can be found here
(HDB - http://goo.gl/RQiTAL) (URA - https://goo.gl/p0A9ev)

Credit Card and Paypal payments will incur unnecessary bank charges which doesn’t help to keep ou

Credit card payment/paypal means that we will have to charge you, our dearest home cooks, an admin fee on every transaction. We want to keep our beloved Fishball Noodle and Cupcake at just $3 that you're selling, hence, if you feel more comfortable receiving payment prior to cooking, select 'Bank Transfer' in Step 3 when listing your food.

You can sell your home cooked food as long as you abide to the rules stipulated under NEA, URA and HDB’s home based small scale business scheme. Just to name a few of the rules, you are not allowed to cause any nuisance to your neighbour, home cooked food are sold to supplement household income and the premise used to prepare your food should be kept clean at all times.

It's entirely up to you! Every cents you sell belongs to you! We suggest that you price your food competitively, e.g. if the coffeeshop's chicken rice is selling at $3, you may consider selling yours at $2, or even share food for free!

(1) you’re a user on Share Food Mobile App,
(2) Like Share Food Facebook page. You are required to post the correct answer and your app username on our Facebook comment section.

Home cooks will list the ingredients used on their food listing page.
Just in case, you can also clarify this with the home cook to check if the food may contain ingredients to which you have an allergy within the Chat function of the app.

Sharefood advocates clean home cooked food. All home cooks are to prepare their food in a clean and hygienic environment. To obtain the food safety badge, simply upload your WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures certificate at your profile. Looking to attend this course? Every Singaporeans are entitled to a $500 Skillfutures credit which you can use to attend this WSQ course. You can attend this course at any of the licensed institute shown here -


Periodically, we will be giving you massive discount off your favourite kitchen and household brands. Right now, we only allow the group buying to be done on our website at www.sharefood.com. The massive discount will be kicked in the moment we reach a minimum buy-in from everyone.

If you’re interested in the product, bank transfer the stipulated amount to (OCBC XXXXXX), and fill up the form with your name, address, mobile, transaction number. If you have picked courier, we will courier the goods to the address provided. Alternatively, you can choose ‘Pick Up’ as well, we will state the address to do this pick up.